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Campus Recruitment Tests is a test that help undergraduate students to prepare for the first round of the campus recruitments at different management and engineering colleges across the country. Aptitude test is an integral part of any campus selection test and would prepare students for all the major companies visiting their college.


Company Recruitment is a three round process- Written Test, Group Discussion and Personal Interviews.

Round 1 :   Companies conduct written tests in the beginning to standardize the knowledge level of the candidates. These tools are used to eliminate the candidate who do not match the requirement of the company. Generally, companies conduct three kinds of written tests: Aptitude Tests and Technical Tests.

Aptitude Test :   Aptitude Tests are designed to test a candidate’s specific set of skills. Most companies try to assess a candidate on analytical and decision -making skills. Vocabulary, reading & language skills are checked in the written test to measure your effectiveness in communication. Basic mathematical skills, with problems that focus on applying simple concepts in relatively complex situations, are tested in order to judge your analytical skills.

Technical Tests:   Core companies conduct technical tests as a part of their selection procedure. These tests include technical questions on particular areas of the student's specialization such as electronics, mechanical, civil, etc. These tests measure your technical skills and subject knowledge. Individuals with a firm grounding in the fundamentals of their subjects perform well on these tests.

Round-II Group Discussion:   The second round of the Campus Placement Process is the 'Group Discussion’. It is an effective tool for a company to check whether a candidate will be able to successfully participate in group activities and tasks. A company tests a student's presence of mind, the depth of his knowledge, his communication skills and his ability to argue logically and express his thoughts in a group.

Round-III Personal Interview:   The objective of the 'personality assessment round' is essentially to check a candidate's communication skills, ability to work in a team and whether his skills are appropriate for the job concerned. A personal interview allows company personnel to understand a student and identify his motives for applying for a particular job.


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